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First water exchange!

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Yo' Man!

I just found this site. It's a reference and infomation site really but they do have a forum as such but I don't think I shall be joining? It's ideal as if I get stuck on something as I can just take a look-see and see if I can find an answer. Ideal if you are all ofline and I need asistance. I don't want to keep bothering you good people all the time, with what most would probably think are silly questions? I get a bit worried when I keep asking for advice on here as I get don't want to become a PITA to anyone?

I am going to do a 10%-20% water exchange in my tank this afternoon as I read on that thingy above, that it could help with this bacterial bloom, although it repeated exactly what you and TZ said, doesn't hurt the fish and that it will go in time  - not that I didn't believe either of you in the first place? But time is one thing I don't have a lot of and I want my aquarium to look nice and clear and to be running as perfect as I can make it because I don't to have to go through all this palava again as and when I get the 3' or 4' aquarium for the bedroom, so I will try anything! I even Googled 'Bacterial Bloom' and there was loads of stuff about it, mainly from people like me, who wondeed what the hell it was?

When I do the water exchange this arvo, I am goit to use water from my water filter. I got a Wilkinsons own brand ages ago and the lady who worked there said it will fit in a fridge door. Well, she shouldn't really be working there as I would love to know how the hell she would have managed to fit the damned thing in the fridge door, because it won't! So I have to leave it on the worktop, which somehow defeats the object now? I will put a new filter cartridge in after it has soaked for an hour or so. I will siphon off a full bucket of water and then very gently top-up the aquarium with loads of jugs of filtered water.That should be fun and very time consuming but I don't mind really. OK, it might not work but for one, it will give me something to do and for two, it will stop me sitting in front of this damned fool machine, surfing the Idiotnet, sorry, Inernet!  *laugh* I will let you know the outcome.

As and when I do get on home dialysis, they have to fit a water softening filtration system in in, so the fish will  have to get used to it as filtered water is all I shall have throughout the whole flat!

Hi again!

I have just noticed that this bacterial bloom thingy seems to get a tad hazier when the spray bar is connected? It's probably my eyesight and I know I am wrong (as usual) but it certainly looks that way?

I just looked at a Yank tropical freshwater fish site and there are some absolutely beautiful set-ups on there! There was one using silica sand and gravel, exactly as Yo' Man and I were talking about the other day and boy, did it look out of this world! Now I have seen it done, I know I can do it and I will! Just as soon as I start on the big aquarium! The Yanks do like their coloured gravel and silly little air toys though. Castles, bridges and clams etc. Very nice for kids, but oh so kiddish for the serious aquarist!

I noticed that in a lot of the Yank Tanks (is that a pun?) they don't have a lot of plants in them either. They have just a few stones and greenery and that's it. Personally, I like to have relatively heavy planting at the back, thinning off as it comes up the sides of the tank and just a few small plants finishing off the front corners. That way the fish can be seen better and have an open swimming area but with foliage at the rear and sides for cover should they need it.

Some of the Yank Tanks had a very weird sort of very elongated bubble curtain at the back of the tank, going the whole length of the tank, making it look like a curtain of satin? Some of the bubbles looked to be somewhat elongated but that could be the angle of the picture doing that? I also noticed that some of them had the bubbles coming out directly from under the gravel in varying places and not an airstone in sight? How do they do that? I have never seen anything like that before but I suppose being that it's an American thing, you can rest assured that you can only get that bubble thingy in the USA, as being Yanks, they just have to have better than anyone else!  *haha*

Just decided that as soon as this blooming thingy has settled, I am going to use the silica sand - on top of the gravel! Not the whole aquarium but just patches here and there which should (he says), make it look a lot more like a river bed as in nature?


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