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thought I'd do a Sticky for moss links or 'Bryophytes' as they are known Scientifically. I love Moss, I think we all do :D and they can lend themselves to aquascaping in so many ways. They can depict the Leaves of a tree, a moss covered wall, tuffs of grass and rolling hills, giving our aquascapes scale, colour and realism.

I don't think most of us realize just how many types of moss their are in the world today, and there is certainly many many more to be discovered and cultured in our aquariums.

So lets pool all of our knowledge and keep this 'STICKY' as a guide to all things MOSS :D

I'll kick it off


Found this one, interesting as it has the terrestrial mosses on there as well.


Never realised they had a moss section*bang* nice crypt one too:)

That Last link is a CRACKER!! M8 thanks for finding that one.

Really good sticky, thanks mick :)


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