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Most of you have already probably come across this (or simply don't need it) but I found the following site very helpful;
The calculator on this site helps you get the desired concentration of Nitrate in Potassium Nitrate, Phosphate in KH2PO4, Potassium in Potassium Nitrate, Potassium in Potassium Chloride, Potassium in Potassium Sulphate and Magnesium in Magnesium Sulphate. Simply enter the volume of liquid you intend to use, and the volume of your tank.
It certainly helped take some of the confusion out of it for me!
(Sorry if this has been posted before, or if linking to another site breaks some sort of rule!)

AHHHH!! Chuck's aquarium Calculator. I'd forgotten about this, thanks for the reminder Batch.

I'll 'STICKY' this for you Batch :D

Then I and everyone else won't lose it again.

No worries mate, I found it invaluable when the ferts arrived, and very easy to use too

Link doesnt work

It doesnt work for me either... is the address complete?


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