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Author Topic: Oscar tank log  (Read 510 times)

Nuts about cichlids

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Oscar tank log
« on: December 22, 2009, 06:49:29 pm »
Since I have diminished my collection of Malawi cichlids and converted over to baby tiger oscars I have decided to start a monthly or maybe even bi-weekly growth/behaviour log to see how the way they look and behaviour changes as they grow, I just thought it would make an interesting study!!

Well here goes. I have now had the tigers for two weeks now.They are approximately 2" excluding the tail. When they were first introduced to the tank they could only be described as sulking(I except the fact that most fish will be like this after the stress of being moved, but this lasted much longer than any other fish iIhave kept). They would shy away when anyone approached the tank and were very fussy when it came to food, only eating frozen foods and chopped up prawns.
Two weeks on they are a lot more active now they have settled in and go crazy when I approach the tank and will follow me or my hand if I move around in front of the tank. My girlfriend tries the same and they dont want to know her.
It would almost seem they know the hand that feeds them! They also  are not as fussy eaters as they are scoffing whatever ends up in the tank (mostly hikari gold).
Another observation is that one of them seems to spend a lot of time away from the others but they do still tend to stick together as a pack. I've only seen lip locking once yesterday and lasted just seconds. I haven't seen anymore upset since. They were probably just trying to decide who is boss!!

And that concludes the first entry to my log.
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