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Yesterday I made some Oto-food for my new additions, based on a method that Neil at Pier Aquatics showed me. I thought I'd share it here.

Key Ingredients:
Repashy 'soilent green' powder
Boiling Water

Optional Ingredients:
Other fish foods (I used some earthworm pellets, dried bloodworm, golden pearls and another Repashy)

Twigs, slate, empty and cleaned trays from frozen foods, mixing implement, mixing beaker
Also somewhere to rest the Lollipops while they set

Put the dry ingredients in the beaker. It should be about 1/4 full. Mix well while dry.
Add the boiling water and stir well, making sure it's all blended in.
Dunk the twigs in the beaker, pull out and leave to set. I made some big ones and some small ones and rested them on an old eggbox.
Now, pour some of the mixture onto some pieces of slate (or other rocks). These will be good for bigger plecs etc.
And with the rest, pour it into the trays to make lots of little cubes. You can feed these like plec pellets. They can be refrigerated for a week or frozen for longer.

By the time you have finished that, the gel will have almost set.

Then just feed to the tank, or keep for tomorrow!

Ideally the last picture was going to show the Otos all over it but while they were clearly interested, they weren't co-operating with the photographer. They did tuck in later once I'd put the phone away...

Drunken horse:
Like I said in your tank log , great idea will give this a go when I can get to pier (probably wekend after next.)

Cheers for the photo guide it will help. thumbsup

Ahhh great Paul. Big mess in the kitchen ?????

Drunken horse:
Need to work out which to get now. I suppose thats my fault with having so many cats with different dietry requirements.

I need to get some otos asap just to try this out. Thanks for posting this Paul, very kind of you to share.


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