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Hello all,

Having read a few recent threads recently and struggled to understand more than a few posts, could we all - as much as humanly possible - refrain from text speak/shorthand. Some of us just don't get it  *dontknow*

Also, remember that the preview button is also there to help - that reply you've just spent 10 minutes on and makes perfect sense to you, may not be exactly that clear when you read it back to yourself...

We all make spelling errors so don't get too hung up them - we'll just come along with our red pens  *grin*

Punctuation and paragraphs next week class....  ;)



--- Quote from: Humf on September 12, 2010, 01:37:30 am ---... we'll just come along with are red pens  *grin*
--- End quote ---

[Starting IronyFinder v1.5.0


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Scan complete.

Irony detected : line 8

Closing. ]

Phew! For a second there ...   ;)

I struggle on RTOC (renault forums) with txt speak etc..

On the other hand genuinly poor spelling, not such an issue.. mines poor so apoligies for future posts  :(

Nice.  *applause*

This should be sticked in the Newbie section for all the incoming members to read and learn!

So long one is understood - its not really all that much of an issue if you make a spooling mistook sometimes.  Trouble is you have to look at with whom you are trying to communicate.

One (German) forum I am on goes so far that your post is mod'd if you forget to say "Hello  <insert first name here>" at the top and "Greetings <insert own first name here>" at the end.
Can get very annoying.

What I like about this forum is the tolerance and the "lets just help each other" <insert hippy rainbow smiley here> vibe!


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