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Yet again the lanes are filling with snow, couple it with the celebration of a certain fictional character next week and I am well happy....NOT.
Nature however can be quite amazing, anybody else spot this on the news, frozen lighthouse in Ohio?

Ye, but where is the light

Under the ice.  *dontknow*

This was taken on the 7th after a night of freezing fog and a good stiff breeze, ice crystals on the church gates.

I did laugh the other day, it was on the early morning news, the "Old Bill" had apparently been driving their cars thru snowmen kids had been building, The kids then built a snowman over a bollard, there was a pic of the police car bent around the bollard. roflmao roflmao, who says kids dont show initiative anymore. Must admit tho when I was a youngster, made a small snowball with a housebrick inside, gawd didnt the local bully boy cry when he kicked it. *yahoo*

Yh I seen the lighthouse, Looked Amazing!!!

Damn stuff can stay off the roads round here though, pain to drive in and makes my car flithy!  *giggle*


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