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Melafix - a warning about Pencilfish

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A bit of history first...

On Friday, I had one Prestella tetra with a lump on its nose and a pencilfish that looked like it was missing some scales. As per one of my other posts, the male pencilfish like to rub against each other in a Daft display of macho.

On Saturday, I decided to get a qt for the Prestella, in case it was ntd (as per previous post) and also some anti parasite meds. Started running the new filter in my main tank ready...

Sunday, in lfs for some RO, it was suggested that adding more female pencilfish may help stem the aggression between the males a bit. Also, the Melafix that was recommended for the tetra would be good for the pencilfish scales.

Straight home with RO, heater in ready... The plan was to do a 25% water change on my main tank, and to put some of that in the qt tank, along with the filter. Thought it should help get the qt up to speed quicker as tank water quality is pretty good. Then, add the RO like normal to my main tank.

Later, back out for 3 more female pencilfish...

So, I decided that I'd try the Melafix before moving the Prestella to the qt as according to the instructions it is safe for all aquatic species - even sensitive ones.

Anyway, I add the 3 pencilfish as per the way I've added all my fish so far and all looked ok.

Added Melafix as per dose instructions...

5 mins later, I've got a dead pencilfish. I put this down to being new - maybe ph shock? I was a bit worried as I'd not had this before. I also noticed 2 more near the top. I thought, uh oh, I just got a dud batch from lfs. Should have been okay though - it was the same batch the other 6 had come from 2 weeks previous...

Sure enough, with in a couple of mins both fish had started to spiral and ended up on the bottom, not breathing.

Then I noticed pencilfish number 4 dead on the bottom and 1 more at the surface like the first lot. At this point, I pulled all the remaining pencilfish out of my tank over to the qt. Unfortunately, it was a not slow.

At this point in time, out of the 9 pencilfish I had, only 3 are now alive, and I don't think one of them will make it until morning.

I did some Google research on Melafix - loads of forum hits like the one I'm writing here. For some reason, Melafix is fatal to pencilfish. I will be writing to MARS to make sure then add a warning. Apparently, it effects Bettas the same way. No such warning on the bottle though - even though lot of people have found out the hard way like I just did.

I'm glad a did Google though - as a loss of 6 (probably 7) fish in 1 day has made me feel awful. It made me feel a bit better knowing it wasn't my water quality that had done it - I just wish I had done more research on the 'miracle' blue bottle everyone raves about  :(

Just thought I'd pass this one - it might just save some fishie lives...

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:( So sorry to hear that, I'm sure someone had a similar problem with melafix and pencilfish (johnny maybe?) Anna Robinson of MARS is a member on here so you may get a response via the forums, you could try PM'ing Anna to alert her to this thread so we can get a MARS response on here  *dontknow*

Thank you for sharing, fingers crossed for you other fish

Thanks Hayley,

I lost another one over night - but he didn't look good when I went to bed. The 2 that are left in the qt seem ok now - a bit quieter than normal though.

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It was Cindy, Hayley.
I've put this warning up many times, maybe we should "sticky" this?

I've dropped Anna a PM asking if MARS are A: Aware and B: Could put a warning on the bottle.

I'm glad they were not the first fish I'd added - it would have probably been enough to make me give up :(

Please could you put a sticky up? It might just be the thing that saves some extra fishie lives.


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