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Boesemani Rainbows ... a bite-size guide


Boesemani Rainbow Fish

Boesemani are peaceful community fish but small fish may be frightened by their fast active swimming, so some care should be taken when choosing tank mates.

They are a typical Rainbow fish shape. The colouration when young is dull, and seeing these silvery grey fish in shops many people just walk on by. But with time these fish mature and develop the half and half blue and orange colouration that is so striking.

The females are much paler and when young don't look much like a Boesemani. Even when mature, although pretty, they are different from the males. These fish can grow to 10cm.

Rainbows are a schooling fish and do much better in groups of 6 or more. They will be happier and their colours will be bolder as they display to each other.

Rainbows are very fast, active fish and deserve space. I have seen them in a 3 foot tank but would recommend at least 4 foot to allow them some room to swim. They are jumpers so always need a tank with a lid. Their natural habitat, lakes in West Papua, have abundant vegetation on a sandy/muddy floor so a planted tank is a must. They wont usually eat your plants.

Rainbows will eat anything! However to keep them in top condition they need a varied diet which includes flake, granules, live or frozen bloodworm, daphnia, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and some green foods such as spinach and duck weed.


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