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Horrible offer on amazon

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I was just browsing amazon for a nice nano tank as I´m currently looking into getting an aquarium again. And I came across this:   :mad:

I got several questions now. How do I report this? Can I even report this? And how is this considered suitable for fish?! Or any living being for that matter?  *blink*

I don´t know what else to say :censored2:.

I have sent an angry e-mail to Amazon demanding that they either remove this item (less than 2L, no filtration, Duty of Care etc.) from their marketplace or explain to me why they decline to do so. I will report any reply here.

There are doubtless other such items on Amazon and elsewhere which will be marketed and bought by the uncaring and/or ignorant. I guess they must be tackled on a case-by-case basis.

Weve had these posted up before, its unsuitable and extemely cruel to put anything in one as far as im concerned. How anyone can think something would be happy having that little space i dont know. Its like putting a human in a 1m square box and saying thats ok to live in

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Unbelievable  :down:

Shocking  :mad:


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