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The recent hot weather has shown me just how much of a greenhouse my flat is. My frog tank, usually set to 24C, has been hovering at 28C for the last few days. I've been trying a few things to help cool it down and thought a thread on various techniques to help with overheating might be useful.

Im lucky enough to live on the second floor, so I've been able to leave all my windows open, and all the internal doors to get plenty of air flow. I've also been doing small cold water changes every day, leaving the lid open as much as possible (gotta be careful with frogs!), and blocking out all direct sunlight. Also tried reducing lighting time on the tank. Thankfully the weather seems a bit cooler today, I'll be getting a fan this weekend! I even tried hanging a load of wet washing around the place to try some evaporative cooling but that may have been a bit optimistic! :o

Anyway, my ideas... please feel free to add to, or flag up anything stupid!

(1) Electric fan blowing across top of tank (evaporative cooling, probably best/simplest idea)
(2) Float bottles of cold water in your tank if the tank is big enough
(3) This idea of cooling your filter return pipe if you have an external filter (mine are internal)
(4) Increase aeration
(5) Block out as much incident sunlight as possible, reduce lighting times if you can (reduces heat from bulbs)
(6) Regular small (

Good ideas Dave,i have been having the same problem over the last couple of days,nothing quite as drastic as yours,mine was a couple of degrees above normal.It is worrying though!.Like you i had windows open and the back door.I was toying with the idea of putting one of those cool box blocks in and floating in the tank if it got really bad or soaking a bath towel in cold water and wrapping it round the tank,but luckily it never got that bad !:)

You could try turning the heater off - saves money as well! ;)

1 or 2 degree changes isn't too bad - it's slow and that happens during the weekly water change anyway....don't over-worry unless it goes well over (or under) the normal temp for too long.

i have hardly had a heater turned on this year, water doesn't go below 20 in my house
apisto's are the only one's getting heat, cory and shrimp are fine

I had my windows open and the through draft kept the room temp down, Ok if you're in all day but no good if you work.


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