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kuhli loaches ?

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right im looking into setting up my 98L tank  which previously had gravel in but im now going to set it up with sand for the first time  *grin* ive heard that kuhli loaches can help prevent dead spots of anaerobic bacteria from forming in the sand and so im thinking about getting some for this reason and i also quite like the look of them  *grin*

so i basically just thought id ask for a rundown from people who may have kept or are still keeping kuhli loaches and thought this was the best way to get info on them    *fish2*

look forward to any replies i get  *grin*

I have some sand in my newly set up 186ltr & wanted something to stir it.  I'm trying to keep it a pest snail free tank, so Malaysian trumpet snails were out, & I don't like corys, so I recently bought 5 kuhlis.

They are great fish, so much so that I now have 9! Very shy to start with, but getting more adventurous by the day.  They look great, are something a little different, stir the sand just enough so it doesn't go everywhere & keep it very clean.

Only had them a few weeks so based on that, I'd strongly recommend them.

do you know how large they grow by any chance since they will probably be going in my 98l tank first of all and i don't really know how many i could stock in there whether they'll outgrow the tank eventually or what not?  :)

they do look like really interesting fish almost look like eels , yeh ive heard about malaysian trumpet snails and ive had a few pest snail outbreaks and thats the reason i ended up shutting down my 98L in the first place there sodding annoying and i don't particulary want to go through that again  *cry*

sorry just wondering but how come you don't like corys ? :)

I think they grow to about 8cm long, but guess they stay thin, so like little snakes!

If you get pest snails, just get one assassin snail - problem solved!

I just don't like corys, like I don't like platys, and many other fish for that matter! - no one seems to be able to understand that!!   *rolleyes* *dontknow*

how many would you probably recommend to get for my 98L ?

yeh i only really just heard of assasin snails and if i get another outbreak i think i will get one of them , i had been put off them before since i did'nt know that it takes a long while for them to breed to over populate :)

nah its fair enough , different people will always like different fish , like my favorite fish is pleco's but since i don't have big enough tanks i can't get any but am looking at bristle nose plecos  *yahoo*


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