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Natural Decor and Tannins

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In my ongoing search for more interesting things to add tannins to my tanks, I came across this website:

It's a US-based firm that sells various South American leaves, seed pods etc that are typical of what might fall into a river in the Amazon basin. I can't comment directly on their products or service, but the page I have linked gives a comprehensive list of potential decor items, together with advice on their preparation for use in a tank. That's pretty helpful!

So, I then started looking to see if I could find a UK-based supplier of similar items. I found this website: (they also have an ebay shop).

There are four pages of pods, seeds, leaves etc for sale. Although primarily intended for amphibian tanks, many of them are suitable for fish too.

I've ordered a selection of different types of seed pods and will report back here when I receive them.

As part of my tank rationalisation I am intending to re-purpose one of my 90L tanks to house my growing family of Dicrossus filamentosus and my marble hatchets, perhaps with a few juvenile twig cats as well. I'm planning a slow-flowing tannin-rich environment with leaves, branches and hidey-holes, so these pods should be ideal.

I do like the sound of this set up, and thanks for the info. I think a few brazil nut pods and rain forest leaves would be ideal for my tank!


Only last week I was rummaging around in a tank and one of the bamboo 'caves' that I've been using for more than five years split as I was lifting it. "Time to think about replacing them soonish", I thought.  So I've ordered some Savu pods (I've been meaning to try them for a while) and Brazil nut thingies.  It's a shame they don't seem to indicate what size most of their catalogue items are - but we'll see, I guess!

On their ebay listings, at least one of the photos of each item type is shown next to a ruler. For example, the last photo on:

Beware, sometimes it's the inches side of the ruler showing and sometimes it's in cm!

Also there is of course natural variation in size between the pods; again this can be estimated from the photos on the ebay listings.

wow.Paul. Saved the site.
Having some of the Cavu pods.
Will try to harvest more wallnut next autumn. The tanins seem to be used in artificial tanning creams.

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