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been to maidenhead Accrington this week very disappointed in the tanks. at least 6 tanks with dead fish. I was there a good 20 minutes nobody else in so no excuses for this.

I went to MA in Woodbridge, Suffolk last weekend. 2nd visit in 2 weeks. Same there. Staff too busy chatting, displaying their "builders bums" and playing on their phones instead of working. Several dead in various tanks, some of which had mould growth on them and/or half eaten. Covers left open. Etc etc etc. And it seemed to be an inconvenience when my daughter went up to the desk to ask for a price for some rock.

Very very unimpressed. Plus, when you consider the rave reviews some MA's seem to get on here, was surprised and disappointed.

As it stands Ill not return to spend there.

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the guy that was in charge spent the whole time on his mobile gabbing to his mrs. I was so close to saying something if there had been others in shop I may have done to show him up.

A friend of mine went to the one in Twickenham and was shocked at the state of the tanks and dead fish. She took photos on her mobile and reported it all to Head Office. They were right on it and the next time she went in it was clean as a whistle.

So if our fishy friends aren’t being looked after, let Head Office know!

The Accrington shop been like that for a few months Tanks looking old & dirty


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