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Is dead live rock dangerous


Hi all,I bought a job lot when I was going to set up a marine tank but decided was too much for a beginner.anyhow in the job lot was 30kg of dead live rock, after reading about palytoxins online it's got me worrying if it's safe on the garden don't want to be breathing in any of that stuff.plan on disposing of it soon just want to make sure it's safe,there doesn't appear to be any corals on it just plain rock.thanks

'live rock' is essentially just regular rock with lots of microorganisms as far as I know, so if it's dried out then I doubt they'd be any toxins - I belive only corals produce it anyway.

I've dumped it now so must of been fine as I'm alive lol, when I eventually go marine I'll buy all new as it's scary stuff.cheers for the reply


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