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Hi all
I’m thinking of adding a pond to my garden. As I have children it must be a raised pond . But it also must have a viewing window. It’s not going to be a large pond , around 1600mm long 800mm wide and 800mm deep
I’ve looked at a few options , the ready made koi holding tanks that have windows fitted are far too expensive , I thought of maybe buying one without a window and fitting one myself , I would build a wooden frame and clad the tank with decking or similar.
Or another option is build a wood frame and use a pond liner , but can I then cut a hole through and use acrylic glass and silicone and bolt ( lots of bolts / gasket )
I looked at the blagdon affinity ponds with viewing windows but I don’t love the design.
Just after some advice or pointing in the right direction if anyone can
Thanks in advance guys

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Hi Rob

I have no idea about raised ponds with window but found these videos.
It may inspire, it may not.

Good luck.
It would be nice to see a log of the progress.

I have a pond built into a slope, so it’s sort of in the ground at one side, and raised at the other, with sleepers round it. It doesn’t look good from the raised side I must admit to have started wondering why I did that.
I have seen a few of these blagdon things, and don’t think they look good either. Can’t help if that’s definitely what you want, but I would consider either going a lot smaller, getting a pond in a pot type thing, you’d get water in the garden without the danger. Or have you looked at pond safety grids? You could get exactly what you want, add the grid for safety, remove it when they have left for uni ?

I’ve seen a few of those videos
I’ve made my mind up now I definitely want a raised pond with a window, I’ve also made my mind up I don’t want a blagdon pond haha
There’s a few good wooden kits you can buy. It’s just finding how to seal the acrylic to the liner . I’ve done a fair bit of searching on the internet but nothing with enough detail about this

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Watching with interest, was talking the wife into this the other day.


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