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I recently bought a collection of tropical plants from the package arrived on time and the plants seem super good quality. My fish are loving the new scape and I am too.
Some of the plants are a little fast growing though (elodea oh jeez) but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Great service and a great product.

Glad that you are happy with your plants.
Hopefully you remembered to give the plants a good rinse before planting.

--- Quote from: ---Shrimps
Our plants are shipped from the Far East and have to be dipped in chemicals to remove snails before exporting.  These chemicals are harmless to fish but can be harmful to shrimps and we advise all customers to ensure all plants are rinsed / soaked thoroughly for a minimum of 48 hours before introducing slowly to a tank containing shrimps.

As our plants are imported from the Far East and not grown in a sterile environment we cannot guarantee they will be 100% snail free.  However, we try our upmost to ensure any snails spotted are removed.

--- End quote ---

I usually buy my plants from the forum sponsor Aquarium Gardens as their plants come fully rooted, algae free, chemical free and 99.9% snail free.


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