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Maidenhead Aquatics, Radyr, Cardiff


This store is situated next to Pugh's Garden Centre. It's not my closest MA, but  it does have far more tanks and variety of fish, and I like to come and look. It sells freshwater, marine, Discus, coldwater fish, pond fish, and also has some big fish like arrowana. Today it also had axolotls (advertised as ideal beginner's Pets).

I visited today (Tuesday lunchtime) and noticed a high number of unwell/diseased fish. I don't usually, but today I pointed them out to the assistant. They also had musk turtles, (in a tank set up for them), but the water had loads of guppies in it, and I didn't think the two should be kept together.

In a tank of Florida Flag Fish there were 3 dead ones floating at the surface - the assistant said "Yeah, they are a bit skinny.They have only just come in".

In a tank of female Bettas there were 4 that looked dead - 3 were bobbing on the substrate and one was pinned up against the filter intake. The assistant put their hand in the tank and swooshed the fish off the filter intake to show me that she wasn't dead. Yet.

They had several tanks of dwarf and honey Gourami, and the fins of at least two or three were covered in white spots of fungus. Assistant said "Its just a bit of fungus. He's going to take them off sale now'

I said to the assistant that I had been looking to buy a flagfish, but that seeing the dead & ill fish I didn't want to now, and the assistant just didn't reply.

I appreciate that in a large store with large numbers of fish there will be some mortalities/illness, but it seemed there were more than there should be today.


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