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inhabitants in the new pond


woop, got some life in the new pond. saw two water boatmen in there yesterday. got to get the filter sorted now. got given an oase biotec filter, but the motor has gon in the conveyer thingy. £60 for a new one  *blink* *blink* might have to see if i can repair the old one. and i need a new uv light bulb. just need a pump now.forgot to mention the dead spider lol

Lol sounds like your keeping busy Jeff :)
Funny little things water boatmen, not seen one in a while

got some plants for the garden in the summer, they looked a little dry so i poped the pots in a tray with sone water so the could have a drink and within ten minutes had a waterboatman in there lol

sounds to me like a broken pipe or the filter box where the pump is has a leak somewhere, does the level in the pond drop at all or just in the filter area where the pump is? I have a feeling you will be replacing pipes.


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