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One problem leads to another...


In the marine tank next to my desk I thought it a bit odd to see one of the engineer gobys (convict gobies) swimming around in the open. Normally they hide in rock unless out for food. That's when I noticed damage on the tip of the tail. It was red. Not sure what happened, if it was attacked but thought, that's not good. The tank is not a fun one to work in, being the AquaOne 275 cube. I got my big fish net out and put it in the tank to let the fish get used to it, and waited for my chance to pounce. Seeing the fish out again, I jumped at the chance and tried to move the net. I had forgotten, as a big fine net it had a lot of water resistance. Didn't even get close before it hid behind a rock again. Did disturb the algae around the tank and stirred up the dirt, so had to let it de-cloud for a bit. Of course, it was wise to me now, and was hiding from me whenever I was out. So instead I left the net balanced on the top of the tank, out of the water and left it alone. I could see it, just, without being in direct view. As I did other stuff, I saw it out again, waited for it to swim high, then tried to use dip the net and catch it. Missed. This time though, it didn't go straight into the rocks, I had another chance. You could almost hear yakety sax playing in the background as I chased it around the tank, but I got it in the end! Hurrah!

But I hadn't thought beyond this. Where do I move it? I quickly rinsed a 10L bucket and half filled it, and put it in there, along with a piece of live rock taken from same tank. I know, it is really too small. Already a bit late to start digging through the garage for an old tank to use as hospital tank. I still had the ~20L tank in the kitchen that previously housed the tadpoles. Although I emptied it by pouring out the contents, I thought I'd take it to the bathroom to give it a rinse. All went fine until I went to take the glass lid out of the bath. One piece slipped, dropped on top of the tank and the lid piece smashed. Glass everywhere. Great. Cleaned up the big pieces as best I could. I then noticed I was standing in a (tiny) puddle of blood. Looking at my right foot, I saw blood coming out of the top. A rinse under the cold tap showed it wasn't that bad. A piece of flying glass must have stabbed it. I quickly gave the tank another rinse, in case glass splinters fell into it, then noticed the big toe on my other foot was now bleeding. Great. I stood on another stray fragment. I tended to that, and decided the bathroom was a no walk zone until I vacuum around it.

Now I'm paranoid the tank, even with a rinse, may have glass fragments in it, so I don't want to use it. Fish will have to live in the bucket until after work tomorrow. Nothing else I can get set up quickly. I still have the 60-ish L tank in garage I could excavate and reuse, but I'm not sure about hospital tanks. Something to think about tomorrow...

Damn GW, sorry to hear of your issues.
I cant really be of any help with the marine side of things as i know next to nothing about them or setting up a quarantine for them  :/
Also hope your feet are ok, and theres no glass still in them and hope the goby makes it

I can only echo what GL has said.
Hope things sort themselves out for you.

Well, you've learnt that you don't play with anything glass without foot cover. ;)
Hope everything is ok.

Didn't get tank out of garage, deciding instead to use a coolbox. Water volume is 2 to 3 times more than was in bucket. I moved some more rocks from the tank into there to build a basic shelter for the fish to hide in, and also put in a U2 filter initially for water movement, but hopefully the live rock will seed it and it will go live also.


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