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how many fish before i need filter?

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couple of questions. if i fairly heavily plant the pond( roughly 1250-1500 litres) how many goldies can i put in before i need a flter? i wass thinking maybe half a dozen. also without a filter how do i keep the water clear? i have heard straw but how do i have it in the pond? in a bundle?

Do you have a powerhead in there? It'd be good as I'm sure the goldfish won't mind some flow and it would improve circulation, which would also add a bit to filtration. Goldfish produce a lot of waste though, so you could probably only have a few before adding a proper filter.

got a filter ready to go in, but i need a motor for the belt cleaner thing. lol wa only asking so i can put the oldies in while the filter sorts itself and cycles

You won't be moving them from inside to out until Spring will you?

no, its too cold at the moment. thinking of moving them around april time.


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