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Okay, in 2016 I sprung a leak in my small 'temporary' (which turned out to be not so temporary pond) No casualties but with the water clearly receding I needed to do something quick.

I took the opportunity to enlarge the pond. Its still relatively small but made the most of the space I had with the time and budget I had. Being somewhat overstocked due to the carnel activities of the goldfish a UV filter and pump were essential. I wouldnt keep fish without one unless it was a lake.

The rubber liners were approx eighty pounds each. When I say each... In 2017 I saw a new neighbour remove a wonderful pond so decided to do my bit for mother nature and put in a nature pond. All done in a day. Dug out a small raised area behind the garage and used the earth to create a wall with rocks.

The plants all came from the fish pond so little spent. The fish pond has Canadian pond weed and the nature pond has Hornwort. The rest is the usual lillys, Iris, frogbit, etc. The nature pond has turned out to be a delight. The lack of fish created a haven for newts, frogs, toads, tadpoles, water boatmen, pond skaters, daphnia, you name it. Best of all the colourful dragonflies and damselflies are wonderful to watch hoovering. Those that avoid the greedy frogs.

No need for a filter in the nature pond and I find myself topping up the nature pond with fish pond water to feed the plants. The ponds have developed their own cycles with a pea soup in Spring which clears quicker in the nature pond thanks to the hungry dapnia whom devour it in collusal numbers. I'm hoping the nature pond entering its third year will fight off the pea soup as its Hornwort has sunk to the bottom in great numbers and lies in wait for the warm weather to rise again.

The fish pond is healthy enough with no casualties I can recall in recent years apart from a Heron raid! I will need to reduce fish numbers this coming year though.

Pea soup.

How it all started.. the small one with the leak

The nature pond..
pea soup and then clear..

Very nice, I don't have the back to make a pond.


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