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Some of the cleanest tanks I’ve seen with decent looking fish. Went in today a guy cleaning tanks with a tooth brush! Very dedicated 👌🏻 
Not the cheapest but they seem to have a wide Cary of stock and a good selection of filter spares. Worth a visit if your midlands based.

As long as it was an unused toothbrush/only one used for the tanks ;) *grin*


--- Quote from: Gingerlove05 on January 02, 2019, 11:21:13 pm ---As long as it was an unused toothbrush/only one used for the tanks ;) *grin*

--- End quote ---

Don't say that GL, I've been using the wife's toothbrush for cleaning for ages, obviously without her knowing.
It's great for getting under the rim of the loo.  roflmao

Ref: Ripples Shenstone
I have been to their so called flagship store at Bridgemere and was very disappointed the first time.
The first time I visited there (2 years ago) the tanks were not too good and there were lots of dead fish, the second visit (last year) was an improvement.
I've also been to there Telford store and that was quite clean and tidy.

If she knew how you cleaned it  i dont think she would’ve married you ;)  *grin*

Unsure if he worked there but he was cleaning a tank with a toothbrush  roflmao


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