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My six corydoras trilineatus got very frisky last night and showed some signs of breeding behavior: a lot of chasing around the tank and male and female eventually adopting the well-known T-position. What happened next was more unexpected. From what I had read and seen on the Internet and in books, the female tends to lay most of her eggs on the aquarium glass or submerged plants. Instead, mine started to swim upside down under the leaf litter. I flipped other a few oak leaves and found a few eggs under each; not a single egg anywhere else. Has anybody experienced a similar spawning behavior? They were still laying eggs when the lights went out and I have no idea how many eggs are now in the tank. I am hoping that the current inhabitants of the tank (neon tetras in addition to the corys) are going to help with population control, otherwise I am going to end up with a seriously overcrowded tank! Or is that an excuse to buy a new tank?

I think corys will lay their eggs wherever they can, and they do pick some random spots. They will lay quite a lot of eggs, but a lot will likely get eaten. If you do end up with a lot of survivors you might be able tp take them to yor lfs for credit or get a new/bigger tank  *grin*

It's all about preservation..

One aspect is fungus. Cory will lay on higher water volume speed areas (usually on glass) as the flow keeps bacteria from settling on the eggs.

Another is predetation. Eggs get eaten by other fish and also other Cory so hiding them gives them a better chance of making it.

Your fish are choosing the leaves due to their low activity area placement and also the natural beneficial bacteria in the biofilm to keep fungus at bay.

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Mine always lay on the underside of leaves as they know it's the hardest place for me to find the eggs.  :censored2:

Completely normal.

Quick update. I did not have space to keep all the eggs and raise the fry, but I collected a single oak leave with seven eggs stuck to it and put it in an ice cream tub floating in the tank, with an alder cone, floating plants and an air stone. I changed the water twice a day and after 7 days I noticed four tiny corys swimming around. I transferred them to a Ziss EZ breeder box and I am feeding them microworms 2-3 times a day. They are growing and seem to be doing fine. I am really tempted to buy another tank to raise the next batch!!


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