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Territorial Leopard danio?.


Hi guys,

I have a 300 litre/ 60 gallon temperate tank. In which i have a large danio group consisting of pearls, leopards and a few gold zebra's. They also call, rosey barbs, gold barbs, and rainbow shiners their neighbours. The water parimeters were fine today.

I noticed that there is one male leopard though that seems to have taken to 'guarding ' the top of the root decoration i have in there. And he has been chasing away any other ( asides the rosey barbs) that gets too near. He hasnt strayed fromthe spot for a few hours. Is this normal behaviour?. Is he just being alittle dominant?. His fins flare when he chases others away.

Anyone seen this before?. I didnt think Danios were territorial.

How big is this large group? (It must be quite large in a 60gal)
It may be actual real behaviour as there's often one fish that behaves completely differently from the rest in a large group......they don't protect eggs or fry.

I've seen this with a female danio, but she reduced this behaviour when I added some more danios - my mixed school died off and I was left with a breeding pair of danio choprae, they were alone for years before she became territorial, so I added more of their breed (had them 5.5 years when she got territorial) maybe yours is bored and wants new female rerio to chase?


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