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First eggs! Diamond Tetras


Hi all,

Hope everyone's having a good weekend :)

Just had to pop on to share my excitement - saw eggs in my aquarium for the first time tonight! Two Diamond Tetras were spawning right in front of me in one of the front corners of the tank, causing quite the egg-catching party with their school-friends and some Cherry Barbs! Have seen quite a few spawning attempts (mostly the Cardinals and Cherry Barbs) but this is the first time I've seen eggs, very exciting!

If anyone thinks it's worth trying a spawning mop or anything with them at some point let me know :) Heard Diamonds are tricky though.

Lovely to have a nice surprise this weekend since this time last week I had my first white spot panic!

I love my wee fishies  *wub*


Mop or moss should help.
Diamonds are very pretty. :)

Kwak Rider:
Very nice fish, they must be happy if they're spawning, well done  thumbsup3

Thanks guys!

A ball of green wool now in the fish cabinet for a rainy day:)


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