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Best filtration for a small pond


We have a small raised pond in our garden that we are looking to reintroduce fish into as the previous inhabitants have gone AWOL over the winter, Possibly due to a heron attack or possibly due to poor filtration. The pond is very small, around 250-300L (It's hard to get a exact number as over the years it has got very far off being round making the volume somewhat hard to calculate). the pond currently has a small APS branded internal filter however I have never been too happy with the way it preforms, it blocked up very quickly and even after extensive cleaning it never really preformed very well again

So I'm now trying to decide whats best to filter it with, my instinct has been to use a external pressurised canister filter as I have always had good luck with the external canisters on my tanks however most of wahts available seems to be sized to much bigger ponds (About the smallest I have found say they are OK for up to 3000l ponds....) so maybe a differen't internal filter would be better after all?

Hi there,

Do you have or would you be able to take a picture of your pond at all? If so I might be able to come up with an easy diy filter set up for you :-)


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