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Sick Male Betta.


Laura Noob:
Hi all.
About 7 months ago we got Starfire and shortly after we got him home we noticed signs of popeye. I contacted the seller and he confirmed that he had been treated for it but seemed to be ok so went back up for sale. He offered to replace him but he had already won us over so we decided to keep him and see if we could treat it ourselves. After a half-dosage course of esha followed by twice weekly 25% water changes his eye was back to normal size though clouded and it was apparent that he was blind on that side.
Flag forward to about a month ago and it started looking inflamed again so I started the treatment cycle again but this time he seems to have problems with both eyes including a bubble-like growth beneath his previously good eye. I Was doing water changes every other day and did esha about two weeks ago to no effect. I have cut it down to twice a week as the increased regularity andinability to see what the disturbance was seemed to stress him out a lot.
Parameters are; ammonia 0ppm, nitrite 0ppm, nitrate 10-15ppm, pH 7.8, water hardness moderate to hard, temp 26 degrees.
I am all out of ideas and am getting worried that he will waste away as he can’t see his food and the guppies in with him now nick it before he can find it. I have even tried giving him bloodworms with tweezers but he can’t find them.  :(
Also, I hope the photo is clear enough!

Try a daily Epsom salts bath for a week, alongside the Esha.
Half teaspoon (dissolved) per 5l of tank water in another tank/large jug for 20mins, then replace the tankwater with fresh and pop him back in. Obviously don't put the water in the bath back in. ;)
Don't do it in the tank, I don't think it would be good to leave him in it too long.

Laura Noob:
Ok, thank you! I’ll give it a try!

Laura Noob:
I have done the 2nd Esha treatment and salt baths for a week (thanks Plankton) but so far he seems exactly the same. He is aware when it’s feeding time and will come up to the top of the tank to eat but frequently misses the food or bumps into things when he tries to reach it. He is getting some food but not a lot and attempts to hand feed him are also not very successful as I think he can only see a big shadow (my fingers) and not the food itself.
I’m really not sure what to do now. Do I wait and see what happens or is it kinder to put an end to his suffering? His scales are not the vibrant colour they once were, the red has gone almost a rusty colour and the blue is pal which I think is stress/illness colouring. He rarely swims around and sleeps at the bottom of the tank most of the time (moreso than he used to).
The last ditch effort I could make is to swap the Bettas in each tank as the other one seems very health and happy and more able (?) to thrive in a community tank. I could then put Starfire on his own and see if that improves things but I am not sure it would work. All the other fish/shrimp in my C-tank are healthy and the levels are stable so I think it’s an illness specific to him.
Thanks in advance for help/advice from a worried mamma.

Ah the joys of keeping bettas with other fish.... *rolleyes*
I'd never try again.
It may work, but you'd probably be better off getting another tank for him anyway, so there's no chance of contamination or bullying.


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