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Dead tadpoles



I have a smallish garden pond that at the end of last year I broke the filter pipe so left it overwinter.  This year I have thousands of tadpoles but wanted to get the pond sorted, so I removed them all and stuck them in a big garden bucket where they seem to be doing ok. I got the pond all sorted, got a new external filter and pump, sorted the waterfall by cementing in some flat slabs etc....  I also added some chemical which is supposed to be animal or fish friendly and left it for a couple of days. Last night I added in a scoop of tadpoles but today they are all dead, any idea why? Do it need to add dechlorinator? I have some for my tropical fish so could use that but somebody said that one if the things in that may harm tadpoles, something about it stopping them shedding?

Tapwater will have chlorine and possibly chloromines in it, so wouldn't be good.
It would probably need water monement to let oxygen in and release CO2, so they could have either "drowned" or just fought with each other, as that's what tadpoles do.

The pond filter is one of those external boxes with filter media bio balls and a spray bar so there should be oxygen.  The would not have fought as there is so much more space in the pond than a bucket so would have thought they could hide. Does the chlorine go with being filtered,oxygenated and left in sunlight or should I add dechlorinator?

I don't know then, there's certainly something in the pond that isn't good. What did you add that's "fish friendly"? What about the cement?
By the way, tadpoles become cannibals as they mature and do fight. It isn't space dependent. ;)


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