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Cory-Fest 3


This is looking to be a fantastic event and one not to be missed.
With just 22 days left to go, until CORY FEST 3 rolls into the South East.
We have worked hard to bring you two world renowned speaker Ian Fuller and Mark Allison.

The raffle prize list is something to behold, thanks to our great sponsors and table vendors:
Abacus Aquatics
Aquatic Design Centre
Brian Walsh
Coral Vane-Wright
Corydoras World
Countryside aquatics
Custom Catfish Caves
Fish Science
H2O habitat
Maidenhead Aquatics (Polhill)
Maidenhead Aquatics (Wigan)
Neil Hardy Aquatica
Sigma Aquatics
Sussex Aquascaping
Tatsfield Aquatics
The Fish Barn

The current raffle prize list is as follows:
oase biomaster thermo 350 external filter:
Aquatropic maxi aquarium starter kit 64L:
Vecton 200 ultraviolet water steriliser:
£100 live stock voucher:
A selection From NTlabs foods including a huge pot of catfish pellet:
A substantial piece of bog wood approx 30” :
Medium sized slate cave:
Anubias aquatic plants:
Corydoras picture on alloy backing :
Nitrate resin 200g bag: Glass fry box:
Brand new 6x2x2ft all glass aquarium (including mainland delivery):
Szat Clear Water K3 Original Resin x1:
Live foods subject to availability:

Door open 10:30 Sunday 19th May see you all there......

Wrong part of UK for me (160 miles each way)  :(

Can't get down there unfortunately.


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