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Rainbowfish for 240L tank?

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Hi all,

Recently I’ve been thinking of upgrading from my current 20g tank, to a much larger one so I can be much more adventurous with my stocking. During research of possible fish I found a particular interest in Rainbowfish, those such as Praecox and Boesemani. However I’ve read that for best results the fish should be in a group of at least 6. And every single site I visit appears to have completely different care tips!

So my question is how many Rainbowfish could I feasibly keep in a well planted 240L tank with good filtration? And how are Rainbowfish to keep in your experience?

Thank you very much :)

You could definitely have a group of 6 Boesemani, or a group of 12 Praecox in a 240l.
If you get males and females then there must be at least 2 females per male to cut down their aggression with each other (males).
Both of them probably do better in slightly hard water, but they have both been found in soft water and very hardwater areas, so the range ought to be large. It may be useful to try and find out where they originated from for the optimum water for that particular group.
Rainbows have very small throats in comparison to their mouths, so only small food (pellets and small frozen/live like daphnia, mysis, cyclops).

Rainbows come into their own when you have a larger group, so 12 praecox might be a real nice option :) they can be skittish and like plant cover. A good variety of foods and more often meals seem to do well. I'm not familiar with praecox but the bosemani and larger rainbows will definitely take bigger food than you think possible! They're food demons, will try their luck with snails, and even large bits of white fish ^.^

I thought they did better on smaller foods because they have small throats? Unless of course they manage to rip of/chew bits small enough  *blink*

I’m a fan of these fish.  Mine haven’t grown as big as advertised but are now approaching 3.5 - 4” after a year and a half.  They love their food and are great characters.  They seem to be very hardy as well.  Be careful of cross breeds as they don’t colour well.  In the pet store all rainbows look silver and are impossible to tell the strains apart, you have to trust your store so ensure it’s reputable.  My usual store the rainbows seem to colour up well.

The only rainbow fish I’ve lost were praecox though.  I bought 5 together but all have gone.  It was almost certainly my fault as I added them straight into an established tank with much larger rainbows fish.  I also added some 3” rainbows at the same time.  They were so small I should have realised.  The established rainbows took offence to their rank being challenged and set to work setting a pecking order. 


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