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How many guppies in a 15 gallon?


I have a tank that the amount of water at least covers 60cm length, 30cm depth, and 32cm height. The tank is slightly larger but obviously the substrate takes up some space. It’s heavily planted and cycled. I now have 5 female guppies and 2 male guppies in it. I do have a 50 gallon tank I am planning to grow some of the inevitable future fry in when the time comes so it doesn’t become overcrowded. I have however come across multiple sites since that tell me 7 is too many for 15 gallons and they shouldn’t be kept in anything below 20. Is this correct or is my tank size okay for them and I shouldn’t be worrying about it too much? Thanks

Oh and I’m going by US gallons as that’s what most sites seem to use.

I just let my guppies go for it. I originally had them in a 2' (60cm) tank (they're now in a 2.5' tank) and there were up to around 70 at any one time with all the fry.
Curiously enough, that's about the same number still in the bigger tank.......


--- Quote from: swordtail11 on May 11, 2019, 07:44:58 pm ---Oh and I’m going by US gallons as that’s what most sites seem to use.

--- End quote ---
15 US gallons = 56L (approx.)
I always use litres, the only time I use gallons is when filling the car up with fuel  roflmao


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