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100l 22g tank shellies set up advise needed

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Hi all

I haven't posted for a long time because I was happy with my tank set up - ish.

Currently I have simple planted community tank with 4 danios, 1 male sward fish, mini gold pleco, 3 molies, 6 neons, 2 cories, some prawns and snails. I will provide few pics later. I am a bit board looking at it and wanted to change it.
I did have shellies in this tank before but due to inexperience, shortly after set up, I realised that they occupy only bottom of the tank.

This time round I would want to go back to shellies but give them some other tank mates - cichlids.

My question to all is which cichlids swim around entire tank and will be small enough for my 80cm wide tank? also how many? I don't want to overcrowd the tank.

Many thanks



One more


i would say species only with shellies, beautiful fish and fascinating to watch.
but others will probably know more 


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