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Eeeeeek! There's a baby cherry barb in my tank!!! First fish baby! :D

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Hi all,

I just had to come on and tell you my exciting news!

Last night on having a casual glance at the tank, a teeny little face caught my eye in a tiny cave formed in the hardscape - you can see it in this pic, the triangle-shaped hole below who I think could be papa fish :) (that's his 'patch'). At first glimpse I thought "what on earth is a cardinal tetra doing in there?!", then it disappeared into the darkness. I caught another glimpse and saw it was very definitely a female cherry barb. I then thought, "aw, it's found a wee den, but woah I had no idea looking into the tank at this awkward angle would distort it's size so much." It vanished again. Then I counted the females who were all friendly and up in my face as usual - 6, all present and correct. Quick look down into the hole and there it was! A 7th teeny, tiny female cherry barb!!!

I can't explain my surprise and excitement - I can only liken it to being a kid and coming down one random summer morning to find that Santa had been. Oh. My. God.

The cherry barbs do try and spawn in the plants every now and then, so I can only assume an egg has fallen between the cracks of the hardscape and this wee one has been hiding out in the safety of it's secret cave for the past few weeks! I guess it's been eating bits and pieces of food that has floated in and algae that it's found.

I have a few questions for those of you who have been here before!

- How old do you think it is? It's about 1.5cm long and has all the markings and colouration of the adults as far as I can see - like a perfect miniature!

- Am I ok to just leave it be in the hope it'll come out when it's ready and big enough not to get eaten?!
It's just living with the other Cherries, Diamond tetras, Cardinal tetras and a BN and I really doubt my ability to catch it and put it in a breeding box! Figure it's wee cave has got it this far, so letting it (and nature) do its thing is best.

- Any feeding recommendations? I've got some instant baby brine shrimp arriving tomorrow. Should I syringe some into it's cave? Don't want to draw the other fishes attention to it too much though.

We lost a young cardinal tetra or two to our internal Juwel filter so I've ordered some mesh which I'll hopefully be able to stick over the intakes.

Fingers crossed for the wee thing, it has completely amazed me. What a wonderful surprise.  :blush: I love this hobby... *wub*


It’s an adult male so it must have been born a good few months ago...


--- Quote from: blackghost on June 24, 2019, 05:17:31 pm ---It’s an adult male so it must have been born a good few months ago...

--- End quote ---

Lol! That's just potential dad photobombing the pic of the tiny cave where it's hiding!

From the size I'd guess 3 months or so.....
Always nice to find an extra fish. :)

And here she is!

Ventured out of her cave about a week ago and is sticking to the cover of the centre of the scape. Doing really well and more confident by the day, mostly eating instant baby brine shrimp (to the delight of the other fish!).

Grains of sand on the rock give some scale of her tininess! Thinking maybe 6 weeks?

Proud fish mama! (Grandmama?!)  *wub*



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