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Male Betta Cloudy Eye Very Sick Help


I have a sick betta. He's about 2 years old. Both eyes have gotten gradually cloudy, one protrudes slightly, the other doesn't but is still clouded, though less so than the other one. I've been treating with API Melafix for the last 5 days. I don't think it's helped though. He's extremely lethargic, hides in a dark spot most of the day. He does seem to still have an appetite, though not as eager to eat as usual. Here are some tank parameters:

Temp 25c

Ammonia 0ppm

Nitrite 0ppm
Post image

The red around his head is normal for him. It's just his colouring.

Nitrate 40ppm (my tap water is around 30-40)

PH 8.2 (Again, my tap water is crap)

The issues that I have with fluctuating water quality is mostly nitrate based. I don't know if that contributes to this type of thing.

He shares a tank with some small, peaceful community fish and one African dwarf frog. I used to house him alone but honestly, as silly as this sounds, I think he really likes having company. They aren't sick as far as I can tell but I've been treating the whole tank in case it's contagious bacteria. I'm in the UK. What can I do/buy that will help? I don't know if it's too late, he's in a bad way but if he still has some drive to eat then maybe he still has some strength.

I've read mixed advice about using aquarium salt and I don't know if the frog will tolerate it. All advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure if this is of any help but might have something useful

Thank you. I think it could be pop eye since the one eye is swollen. The other eye is cloudy but isn't which according to the info i'm reading is a bit odd in both scenarios.

Sounds a lot like old age I'm afraid. :(
Bettas live for about 3 years, but with the high ph (and possible hard water?) that will bring the life expectancy down.


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