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Two quick questions about Betta fish


i have 2 spare 15 gallon tanks. and i was thinking about getting some Bettas. (obviously one in each tank)
i have 2 quick questions regarding 15 gallon tanks

Can a Betta live in a 15 gallon tank, without the need of tank mates? I don't mind getting tank mates, but then it raises issues with what kind of filter i should use
Can a Betta live in a 15 gallon tank, with no filter. But with frequent water changes? I have filters for the tanks but the current they generate is too strong for a Betta


don't know about size, but no filter no good bacteria.

15 gallons? Not 15 litres? If it's 15 gallon then yes they are fine with a tank that size.

As for a filter, yes it is possible to do just water changes and plants without a filter but it's not nesscarily easy (look up walstad method) and not something for new people to the hobby.

Throwing in a sponge filter is simple and effective for a betta as a filter and less of a hassle than having not filter.

15 gallon = approx. 65L
This will be fine for a betta.
Add some plants as the betta will appreciate them.
Maybe add a small, cheap internal filter.
The TetraTec Internal IN600 plus is fairly cheap at Swell UK for £20.41
The Fluval U2 internal filter costs around £32-£35.

I would use a sponge filter anyway to save future problems, and yes they are fine on their's the best way to keep them. :)


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