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Set up advice for Cupid Cichlids.

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So this is my first time keeping Cupid Cichlids and I'm looking for advice on the setup,  I started out with 2 Cupids who got along great very active and moved around the tank a lot they where in with 10 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, 6 Noen Tetras a BN Plec and 3 Cory's.  Picked up another 3 Cupids from same shop and now all 5 just tend to either hide out or bicker, no damage being done but generally all look a bit stressed.  So what I would like is some advice on the layout for my tank, should I remove the rockwork and lesson down the territories they have or add more and space it out a bit better to give more defined areas for each fish, any suggestions most welcome.  Below is a picture of the setup just after I changed the substrate( much clearer now :) ).


Cupid cichlids are beautiful fish (I have 7).
5 is probably maximum in your 4 foot tank but they do require defined territory especially if they pair up (2 foot per pair).
I would add some large bogwood pieces to create defined territories.
Male Cupids may squabble, this is usually by chasing or even by locking jaws to determine dominance.

Cupid cichlids generally like the tank water temperature slightly warmer (24-27C), the temperature will be fine for the dwarf neon rainbows and albino cory but a little too warm for neon tetra and the BN plec (prefer something like 22/23C), something like 24/24.5C would be a good compromise.

I feed mine either Vitalis Central/South American Cichlid Pellets (S 1.5mm) or Hikari Cichlid Gold Sinking mini pellets (3.0mm-3.4mm) and occasionally some live/frozen foods such as bloodworm.
They feed off the sand substrate so the food needs to sink.

Corydoras need to be in a group so I would add another 2 or 3 albino cory.

Hope it helps
All the best

Cheers Stephen, looking at the facial marking I think that I have 5 males as all have lines on the cheeks none with spots, trying at the moment to move on the Rainbowfish and Neons as well as the BN Plec, just bought a large piece of Bogwood which I'm currently soaking, may put in sooner as I don't mind the tannin stained look.  Tried doing a small rearrangement which worked for around an hour :), as you say they are beauties it's mainly just a bit of chasing if one comes near to another's spot in the tank no lip locking as of yet.  Tank temp is set at 25Deg and my water is classed as Mod Soft.  Got a friend who could take 1 or 2 off me if you think that would be of benefit to the group. 

It is not easy to sex Cupid cichlids until they mature so it's unlikely (but not impossible) that all yours are male.
I have observed jaw locking in my tank but there's plenty of room for all 7, I may even add another 2 at a later date.

I have my tank set at 24.5-25.0C, the thermometer says it's just under 25C but I do not have any Neon tetra or BN plec that prefer slightly cooler water which is why I suggested 24.0-24.5C would be a good compromise.

I think 5 cupids is probably maximum in your tank, no need to re-home any as long as there are places to hide.
Your large bogwood piece will help, I would place it slightly off centre as this will be more aesthetically pleasing.

All the best

Just a little update, done a rescape, added a big piece of bogwood, Cupids seem lot less stressed and starting to show colours, think I have a least one female as cheek marking have come out bit more and 1 has more dots the just a line.


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