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So I’ve aleays wanted a pond , one half way between a nature pond and a lightly stocked fish pond , after watching a thread on here it inspired me to start digging . So now I’ll catch you up . It’s been a learning curve and some things I’ve done the wrong way round but I think all in all it will end up the same . It’s roughly 4m wide 3.5m deep front to back and a average depth of 50cm with a area in the middle maxing out at 1m . It also has a large “beach “ area to allow wildlife easy access and for planting . I’m running a 15000ltr pondtec pressurised filter . Mainly for effect and airation on the water .im going to house the pump in a pond basket designed to make its surface area larger and thus suck in less beasties . I’m planting with a mix of native and none native plants ... mainly when the natives are just too big for the pond . No fish yet it’s been up and running around 3 weeks . I’ve been struggling to get the rocks but fortunately they are back in stock so I’m having 1.5 tons delivered next Monday . I’ll be laying underlay under the rocks between the lininer so I can rock the sides right up I’ll also be using landscaping foam to fix the rocks once above water level .

I’ll load up some build photos over the weekend , bit hard to see now with the light but it tends to fall into shade around 5pm and gets full sun from sunrise

Planning on about 6 goldfish that’s all I’ve also planted a lot of trees at the back that you might pick out . I’m going to net the pond in autumn to stop the leaves falling in and am also contemplating a skimmer

first thing get a raised net out a fence, left mine open when I first got it (wooden hexagon one) then a heron turned up lost the lot, now got a fence round it heron came back fish all fine. 

It’s a nature pond mostly , so netting and a fence will kind of ruin the point . I don’t mind mr heron he is nature after all , the few fish will just have to be quick and use the fish cave .


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