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Guppy and Swordtails in soft water

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Hi, I'm a little confused about adding the above to my community tank.
In the past, I've kept both fish and have bred both, without trying! Just left them to it, I did have plenty of plants and rocks etc. on a gravel base.
My water is very soft, at Gdh 1.91. pH 7.6, 24 deg temp. I now read everywhere that these fish need very hard water and higher temperatures to why have I kept them without problems, had them breeding, and living healthy and disease free for years?
I last had breeding swordtails about 15 years ago, guppys about 25 years ago, so have the fish themselves changed over the many years?
If these are not suitable, which fish can I add, to add some colour? I want some red and yellow, mid tank varieties to add to my danios and neon tetras, thanks :)

Did you live in a different area when you had your last tank? It also possible your rocks and gravel etc may have leached calcium into the water which would have made it harder over time.
Both guppies and swordtails need hard water, although guppies are more forgiving than swordtails for the hardness. However your water is very soft which wont help either species long term.
For a yellow calm fish that loves soft water you could look at honey gourami, males can be yellow or dark orange. Maybe just keep an eye on them with the danios (the danios might be a bit hyper for them).

Lemon tetras. When they settle and colour-up they are a really nice yellow, with red eyes. :)


--- Quote from: plankton on July 16, 2019, 08:49:22 am ---Lemon tetras. When they settle and colour-up they are a really nice yellow, with red eyes. :)

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Hi, thanks for the ideas, I'll have a look at them all.
As to when I had guppies it was a long time ago, but the water was soft. The swordtails I had breeding was in exactly the same water, about 3 miles from where I live now. That's why I was so surprised to see that both varieties need hard water! The d├ęcor in the community tanks the swordtails bred in were artificial resin like things, but the plants were live: I still find it very strange. I had to remove one generation as they just kept breeding, all from one male and 3 females!
I know Guppies are pretty hardy, but it was a very long time ago, hence my thinking that constant captive breeding has in some way changed them. One other thought: my lfs sells guppies and swordtails, yet every house/street for about 50 mile radius has very soft water. Its a well established shop as well, been going for many many years, yet they have never mentioned this hard water issue!


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