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Mail order fish identification please

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Hi all
I received my first mail order fish parcel today.
Whilst being very impressed with the suppliers attention to detail and packaging and 100% health I believe I have been subbed and I'm not sure what with. I had ordered five pentazonia barbs, I received 2 bagged up alone and then the 3 pictured in another bag. I can't see the 3 on their website either so any help before I enquire would be marvellous.
Cheers chris

Those are tetras, some man made colour variety of... Serpae, or something similar.

Maybe red phantoms for the three and serpae for the two??

The two photos were of the same fish Plankton.
Now they've settled down and coloured up they definitely look to have some serpae influence.
Apologies for my really poor attempts at photographing, many thanks for your help.

Where did you get your mail order fish?
I would not be happy for any fish that were subbed and would be seeking a refund or partial refund.


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