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john arnold:
Hey all
Got a beauty Red dragon hmpk Tuesday, he ate straight away, been feeding blood worm this jbl plankton, flakes and live daphnia, he eats it all.
Today a week later came home and he is sculking back of aquarium , he is coming out the font from time to rime but did not eat, then i noticed a scal missing and a fungus,like you get on arrow root wood when its heen in tank fir a couple of weeks, about his bottom fins on both side, only other fish in tank are 5 ember tetra which i got 3 days ago, i just put some esha 2000 in, any extra help appreciated

Half dose any meds because of the labyrinth organ.
Can you get pics? Has he damaged himself on any decorations?

john arnold:
I’ll send pic when I’m home. Don’t think so about damage, already dosed on recommended on bottle, bugger,

john arnold:
Got home a d not looking good, he is breathing, should i do a water chsnge, i did one Monday as usual

Water change yes.
What are your water parameters?
What are you feeding?


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