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Author Topic: Very sick golfish  (Read 501 times)

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Very sick golfish
« on: August 12, 2019, 11:43:51 pm »
Hi. ive rescued a goldfish about a week ago. he was very skinny and had a few patches with no scales and redness on his tail and the base of his hand fins
He wasent lethargic and ate and pooped well in the past week. yesterday ive noticed him flashing a few time and today he became super lethargic, sitting on the bottom sometimes even on his side moving only when i touched him and occasionly moving by himself to flash.
I have a few meds avilable:rid ich+ {malachite green and formalin} ,Prazi pro,Levamisole, methylene blue, Furanol and kanaplex
Im also considering salt baths. The red strikes can be septicemia or just another part of the parasitic infection..
I wanted to hear your opinion on what shuold i do and if you have other meds to reccomend on
Hes in a 120L tank with 3 internal filters, parameters are 0,0,5
Heres the vid. He is sitting on the bottom in a U shape most of the time. when making some noise or pounding on the tank wall near him he "wakes up" and starting to swim like kinda normal, then after a few seconds stops and returning to the same position. He reacts the same when i put food near hi, waking up , swimming, eating the food then going back
thank you


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