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Author Topic: Unidentified disease slowly killing my fish...  (Read 542 times)

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Unidentified disease slowly killing my fish...
« on: August 31, 2019, 09:57:42 am »
Something seems to be infecting and slowly killing my fish, however I've not been able to work out exactly what it is or how to treat it.

I've previously posted about my neons when I got my first 6 2 died unexpectedly and without any obvious reason then 2 I ended up putting down after not getting better when treated with Esha 2000 and Myxazin (separate treatments) in the main tank thinking it may have been columnaris.

After this I put it down to bad stock from an LFS as I thought it may genuinely have been NTD. The other 2 neons were doing well, so I got them another 6 friends who have been fine for a while.

A couple of weeks ago I spotted another neon showing similar signs to previous fish. White growth on top lip, not swimming with the others as much, losing weight. I also spotted that one Panda Cory had gone white around the mouth and lost its barbells. Thinking this was almost definitely columnaris I decided to take further action this time.

I got a cheap tank and got the old filter from my tank and the sponge for it from the canister filter that replaced it as well as the old heater and set up a hospital tank. Thinking it's probably columnaris I set it up at 24C. I put the neon and Panda Cory in there and treated them with Esha 2000 at double the dose as recommended followed by a further 3 days at the standard dose. I did a big water change after a week and seeing no improvement I tried treating with myxazin at the standard dose for a week. I also tried bathing the fish for 20mins in untreated tap water hoping that the chlorine would work to kill off any bacteria. However I lost the neon after all this as I found it unable to swim stuck behind the filter and feeling I had no choice quickly got the clove oil out and put it down. Upon closer inspection it looked like the white spot above its lip looked like it had burst splitting open its top lip beyond saving. The Panda Cory is still in there behaving as normal, if sulking a bit as it has no friends, however its mouth is still all white and I'm not sure if it would ever get its barbells back.

In the meantime I removed the chemical filtration and dosed the main tank with myxazin for a week after taking the poorly fish out thinking this would help protect any of the remaining fish. I did a water change and added back in the chemical filtration and the remaining 3 panda corys, 7 neons and Betta have all seemed fine until I have noticed in the last couple of days the 2 of the pandas seem to be more white around the mouth than the third and one seems to have shortened barbells on one side. One of the neons also appears to have a very small lump above its mouth which is slightly white but this seems to have gone down over the last four of days.

Water tests reveal 0 ammonia and nitrates. Doing water changes puts nitrates up on the main tank as it has plenty of plants. I know the water contains a lot of phosphates which is feeding the algae, however its not out of control and I don't think it's contributing to the problem. pH is stable at 7.5 and KH is around 4 while GH is around 12. I try not to overfeed and give a mixture of flakes and bug bites tropical for the Betta and the neons and Cory shrimp wafers and bug bites bottom feeder for the pandas as this also gets cleaned up by the assassin snails. I'm using a fluval 107 on what is a 55litre system and temp is stable at 25.5C.

Can anyone help with what's going on? Any ideas on what it could be? I'm thinking it could be a combination of things which is causing me confusion and leading to me not treating them correctly.

I know this has been a long post, so most of all thank you for reading. I've posted pics of my pandas for comparison between the 'normal' one and one I think is white around the mouth.
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