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Does shrimp tank substrate need changing? Any shrimp experts?


I have a 60l cherry shrimp tank. They do really well but the numbers seem to have stuck at approx 50, which is fine and maybe just a natural thing but I'd love to have more. I was reading up on possible reasons and came across questions on substrate. Do I need to add changing the substrate to my list of things to try? (obviously will be the hardest to get done) it's the fluval one and is 18 months old, plants are established but I'd happily change them because theyre straggly.
  I love my shrimp and really don't want to upset them, does substrate need changing periodically?

I would leave the substrate as it is.
To quote a saying "If it's not broken then don't fix it"

All the best

If your on Facebook look up UK Shrimp Keepers. A really knowledgeable group of shrimp keepers.


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