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Hard water Bettas


Laura Noob:
Hi everyone. Oh have a question. Currently I have a 60l planted tank with a few Amanos, a BN plec, two corys (looking to get more soon), some assassins and a beautiful male Betta. The levels have all been good and consistent for a while  (nitrate 7/8ppm, nitrite 0, ammonia 0, pH7.8). The issue is that my Betta is showing signs of stress. He is still eating but has been looking a little bit dusty (orangish colour) and whatever I do it really doesn’t seem to make much difference. I am wondering if the pH and hard water in our taps could be affecting him? I also have trouble keeping any neocaridina shrimp alive for longer than a month or two and will find them on the bottom of the tank untouched so I don’t think it’s the Betta getting them. It seems likely that the mineral heavy water is making their shedding stick??
Not sure if I am barking up the wrong tre but would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Thanks in advance for any help! thumbsup4

Zebra Fish:
If you look on your local water and type in your post code they let you know if there's been any incidents in your area. Worth a look??

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