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Fish To Control Endler Fry Population


Hello all,

I currently have a 71l litre tank that I shall be upgrading to a 240l in a few months time. For current stocking I have an established endler colony and a honey gourami pair. I would like to keep a greater variety of fish in the new tank but I know that if I move the endler colony over they will quickly over populate. Do any of you know a good community fish to control levels of fry in a larger tank? It’s not to completely demolish the younger population of the colony, but just to keep the levels of fish manageable so I can stock the tank with new fish.

Thank You

 Well the parents of the fish will probably eat the fry if kept in the tank, especially if there's not much hiding spots. I would say another fish that's compatible with Endlers.

fishman 1:
Endlers  usually leave their fry alone,  a  kribensis may be ideal for controlling levels of fry   


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