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Pea(dwarf) puffers with rams?


So I have a 40 gal that has a bunch of fish that people basically gave me and most of them shouldn’t be in a 40 gal all but tiger barbs, rams and bristlenose  plec all the rest shouldn’t be in a 40 gal. I’m going to get rid of all the fish except the bristlenose and maybe the rams. But in want to put pea puffers in and idk of pea puffers should be with rams. Is it a good idea or should I get rid of the rams?(also if I do keep the rams how many puffers should I get?)

Pea Puffers are nippy so I wouldn’t keep them with slow moving fish like Rams. Also if the Rams are ramirezi they want a temperature of 80+ ideally, which seriously limits tankmate choices.


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