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Hi, I have been keeping tropical fish for  over 40 years. I thought I  knew most everything about fish. How wrong  I  was!  I bought a Snowball plec last November, beautiful fish, grew double the size in 2 months, cleared my tank of algae, best cleaning fish ever. But when it began to develop lovely a long tail I took another look at the info available and couldn't find a single snowball with such a lovely tail, I then probed further only to discover it was in fact a Lyre tail Polka Dot plec, still beautiful but it is a specimen fish that will grow to over 40 cms and that's without the tail extensions!! Needless to say I had to contact the shop where I purchased it, they explained they had got it from their supplier as a Snowball, they have exchanged it for a Angel plec that apparently also goes under the name of Snowball. My problem? Well I am now worried that this new small Angel plec might also develop and be a Polka Dot plec! Is there  any way to tell the difference when they are small? Any feedback appreciated.

Pleco Fan:
  Hypancistrus sp L201 Orinoco Angel Plec
So it shouldn't grow more than 5 inches

Hi, can you post a picture?

I am unable to post a picture at the moment, as I only exchanged it yesterday it is still rather shy although late last night it was belting round my tank  rather hecticly. Spotted it this morning so I know it is still ok.

I have just managed to get a quick shot of my snowball, I'm  afraid it's not very clear so probably not much help. He likes hiding in the flower pot.


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