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The use of infusoria, ie how much and when to feed has bothered me for a good while.
I have had a couple of shoals of fry from Kribs that have just kinda disappeared in the last 3 months or so, except for half a dozen I split from the shoal and placed in a separate tank by themselves. Thought they may not be getting sufficient food. So I tried infusoria and the wife didn't like the bottles of smelly stuff on the kitchen windowsill.
Somewhere else I read about egg yolks. I boiled an egg and took a small piece of the yolk and thoroughly mixed it up and watered it down into a decent consistency. I feed it three times a day, just a small pipette at a time and the fry just love it. I use my cellphone at 10x zoom and I can see them charging into it and stuffing themselves. No messy smelly lettuce leaves, no jars of an unsightly mish mash laid around and perfectly happy fry.

Feeding is my main problem in other ways too. I have a 120ltr tank with a goodly assortment of fish and no matter what I put in for them they always rush for more whenever I come close to the tank. Feed them too much and the water goes bad, and the snail population goes wild. I think I've sorted that too. I feed the regular flake and pellets in small portions each morning then I hang a prawn on a wire into the tank in the afternoon. When they leave it alone after feeding I know it's time to take it out. No more rotting food on the gravel and nothing left for the snails.

Infusoria is for the tiny fry that cant take anything bigger. Kribs are a bit big for infusoria and so will probably ignore it. Start them off on baby brine shrimp, or frozen lobster eggs (much easier, and quicker growth), and/or powdered flake...


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