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Author Topic: Ammonia burns!! Help!!  (Read 383 times)

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Ammonia burns!! Help!!
« on: April 06, 2020, 09:43:04 pm »
Guys. I've moved in with my partner, her friend passed on a 90 litre tank when moving to Italy, (we're in London!), Okay so I've been as attentive as I can but neither of us are fish pros. 

We've had many issues to overcome like dropsie, fungus etc overgrown sharks and pleco... 

NOW, I've got 2 Male guppies with RED STREAKS that look AWFUL & Google article says basically AMMONIA burns! I'm FREAKING OUT, What can I do?!? 

Basically last week I noticed 1 fish (1 of 6 tetras) blowing up so I put dropsie meds in, today was day 4 so I did 25% water change && added 2nd dose of Dropsie meds. 

I used TAPSAFE for the water I put in, hours later, I noticed the fish which had started developing a red streak, has WORSENED and now another yellow guppie has started developing a red streak! I do NOT like what I'm seeing. 

Please note, a day after the FIRST dropsie meds dose, that Tetra who was blown up died ANYWAY, but a 2nd fish (yellow male guppy), had started blowing up a day or so after the one who passed on... HE is still blown up on day 4, and seems to be hanging in there but NOT improving much. 

I'm so overwhelmed... my partner took the fish but finds managing their health super stressful and is avoidance so I'm pretty much on my own trying to help them! 

We had 2 sharks, 3 platies and 1 Big place when they my partner adopted them.. Platies all passed within a year, 3 catfish were given away... I replaced a near empty tank with 4 male guppies and 6 tetras. 

So I've now lost 1 Tetra... I do not want to lose any more. It's only been 4 months I've had them. I'm struggling. To be honest, my partner and I decided we might not get more if we lose these because we are busy people and can't really manage their sensitive health needs.  

I told her today, she shouldn't have taken them but don't think she realized they had so much care. So she agrees. 

But if you guys can help me keep these alive and well as long as possible, I'd appreciate your advice cause I'm not sure if the red streaks are from ammonia due to bacterial infection..... parasites.... or if I did not put in enough TAPSAFE tap water neutralizer?!? Did I put too much? It said about 1ml to every 9 litres... is it possible I put too much tapsafe? How could that cause AMMONIA burns?? 

I have now added some live cultures and tank PH neutralizer for nitrate and nitrogen balance!!

What else could it be?! 

We don't have a quarantine tank so my partner who's usually sorted out the meds before this time usually just puts meds in the tank itself, when we had the sharks.. the one who was sick recovered from dropsie and nobody else was harmed... so I just did the same... I hope the meds haven't hurt the other fish?!? Could the ammonia just be from sick fish in the tank? 


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